Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Death Threat

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Death Threat

Just as I was ready to give up on TKK, they posted Death Threat's title track on their Myspace page. And I was hooked. While that track is perhaps their best in 20 years, the rest of the album fails to sniff the greatness of that track. The band relies far too much on wah guitars, synth bass, and porn flick rhythms. I understand that that's the idea but the band's greatest strength has always been their mix of sex, drugs, and evil. After their disco nonsense on Gay, Black & Married and their lackluster Casio keyboard fest, The Filthiest Show In Town, the only thing the band seemed to have going for it was cool album titles. TKK's entire career has been peeks and valleys. They began with classics like “Kooler Than Jesus,” and Confessions Of A Knife (top 5 all-time Wax Trax release) and sunk with Sexplosion. But even that album yielded the gem, “Sex On Wheelz,”. Every record would have at least one stand out track until 2005. And a career, of late, that consists of far too many re-mix albums shows they haven't been trying. Hopefully, this isn't a peak but more a crawling out of a valley.

Track Grades
  1. WitchPunkRockStar – 7.2
  2. Invasion (Of The Ultra Modelz) – 6.2
  3. Death Threat – 9.9
  4. Spotlite Hooker – 6.0
  5. Lone Road – 7.0
  6. Who R U Now? - 5.2
  7. Foxxy Rockit – 5.0
  8. The Ultimate Nude – 4.8
  9. Bottoms Up – 6.3
  10. Psychik Yoga – 6.6

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