Friday, December 18, 2009

In The Spirit Of The Holidays...

I felt that taking shots at low-fidels was kind of jerky. As a result, I converted this very limited edition vinyl of the You Weren't There: A History Of Chicago Punk 1977-1984 to MP3 and posted it here for your listening pleasure. Personally, I recommend the tracks by Strike Under and Trial By Fire. Some of the tracks are of questionable quality but, I assure, you that is because of the source material. Almost none of these songs were done in proper studios but is an important historical recording nonetheless. Hopefully, these songs will make you want to see the very well-done documentary of the same name. There are plenty of Steve Albini gems in there. And yes, that is J. Yuenger from White Zombie in Rights Of The Accused. That was his first band. Enjoy.

  1. "Wham Bam Son Of Sam," Tutu & The Pirates
  2. "Gacy's Place," Mentally Ill
  3. "Who Are The Boys?," Buzzards
  4. "Surf Combat," The Way-Outs
  5. "Reactor," Painterband
  6. "Elephant's Graveyard," Strike Under
  7. "Dark Rooms," Da
  8. "Eyesore," Subverts
  9. "Spy Guy," Toothpaste
  10. "They Love War," End Result
  11. "Tojo [Demo]," Naked Raygun
  12. "Rocks Of Sweden," Trial By Fire
  13. "I Got Mine," Articles Of Faith
  14. "Anti-Pac Man," Negative Element
  15. "Slump Shot," Verboten
  16. "Fuckup," Rights Of The Accused
  17. "Big Big Sky," Savage Beliefs
  18. "Bounty," Nadsat Rebels
  19. "Lipsynch To The Go-Go's," Seismic Waves

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