Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quarter Century Review: Fables Of The Reconstruction

Fables Of The Reconstruction
Produced by Joe Boyd

By this time, the band were indie alternative darlings that could do no wrong. Murmur was a dynamic debut and Reckoning showed R.E.M.'s myriad of influences. Fables was a more concerted effort to conquer rock singles charts with longtime staples "Feeling Gravity's Pull", "Driver 8", "Life And How To Live It", and "Can't Get There From Here,". Unlike what would come in the next decade, there weren't any true classics on this album but there were many great, solid songs.

In fact, out of their eighties output, this would be their weakest effort. But that's like saying Ringo Starr was the Beatles worst member (he was). Another solid album but it would be their last ho-hum effort for over a decade.

Overall Grade = 7.74

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