Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quarter Century Review: This Nation's Saving Grace

The Fall
This Nation's Saving Grace
Beggars Banquet
Produced by John Leckie

Another album I had some trepidation in bothering with. But part of the point of this recurring feature was giving something a fresh listen to see if time had changed my ears. I certainly liked the short opening of "Mansion," that set a mood that I'm not sure matches with the album other than the musical archetype reprisal with the closer, "To NK Roachment: Yarbles,". The repetitiveness of "Spolit Victorian Child," is not redeemed by its blah instrumental interlude. "L.A.," and "Paint Work," are nice diversions from the Clash-esque guitar string-plucking romp of the majority of the album, which, as time wares on, starts to irritate.

It is difficult to deny the magnetism of frontman Mark E. Smith. His performance on the album is impossible to ignore, if not enjoy. I find that this album is far less annoying than other Fall albums I've heard and deserves multiple, but limited, listens.

Overall Grade = 7.03

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