Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quarter Century Review: November-Coming-Fire

III: November-Coming-Fire
Plan 9/Caroline
Produced by Glenn Danzig

Punk rock was becoming less and less of an influence and priority in Glenn Danzig's music three years after his departure from The Misfits. His music beginning to segue into metal. Samhain was, as expected, just the bridge between the 'Fits and Danzig. You can hear elements of both but that leaves the album a bit disjointed. The confusion of what Danzig wanted to do with his band or to even continue it seems evident. He was often disappointed in the caliber of musicians (some say, he still is) he had to play with while having to keep up the horror punk aesthetic. Danzig himself played drums on a few tracks of November-Coming Fire.

Also, present is Danzig's eerie, somewhat annoying keyboard, something not heard since the Misfits original "She," single released nine years before. It would be a further annoyance down the road with Glenn's Black Aria instrumental albums as well as the industrial-drenched Blackacidevil. The one reason to listen to the whole album is the sheer power of Danzig's voice. He hadn't yet learned to use his voice in subtle ways but there are way worse things than Glenn Danzig shouting on record. The true highlight of the album, once you get past the cheesy keyboard, is the one track where he really allows himself to sing: "To Walk The Night,". While many had probably written him off at this point, Rick Rubin would eventually bring Danzig back to prominence.

Overall Grade = 6.95

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