Friday, July 10, 2009

Dinosaur Jr - Farm

Dinosaur Jr
LP/CD/2xCD (Ltd. Edition)

Don't let the hugging tree cover fool you. J Mascis & Co. have come back to blow you away. This, the follow-up to last year's original lineup reunion, is a romping good time. Like Beyond, Farm starts off with a bang and peters out a bit here and there. Dinosaur is, and always has been, at their best when Mascis's guitar cuts loose and Lou Barlow and Murph follow his lead. Not to diminish the power of the original line-up but, just as Mascis seemed to feel throughout the '90s, Barlow's songwriting contributions would be better served on a Sebadoh release. His songs really just tend to distract from Mascis's. Truth be told, the band sounds even more in lockstep this time around. This is in no small part due to the rhythm section playing. I may find Barlow's songwriting less interesting but the nuances of his and Murph's playing liven up the sound of the band that was missing for over a decade. Quite a sound to behold.

Track Grades

  1. Pieces – 9.6
  2. I Want You To Know – 9.4
  3. Ocean In The Way – 8.5
  4. Plans – 8.2
  5. Your Weather – 7.5
  6. Over It – 8.8
  7. Friends – 8.6
  8. Said The People – 8.3
  9. There's No Here – 8.4
  10. See You – 7.7
  11. I Don't Wanna To Go There – 8.6
  12. Imagination Blind – 7.6


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