Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall

Jay Reatard
Watch Me Fall

It certainly has been a long, strange career for Jay Lindsey. The Tennessee native has nearly completed the circle he began with his first band. The Reatards had punk songs with pop sensibilities but a rawness and honesty not heard in pop punks like Green Day. The Reatards' sparse production and subject matter kept them from major media conscience. They were more of less angry Germs.

Then came numerous other projects, including the tremendous Lost Sounds. But in recent years, Lindsey set out on a solo career while reclaiming his Reatard moniker. The songs are very similar, complete with hooks and minimal production. Only now, the guitars are toned down. But that hasn't lightened Jay's garage punk attitude. He has a specific idea as to what his records should sound like and hasn't wavered. Watch Me Fall is Jay Reatard continuing to deliver on the promise he showed on 2006's Blood Visions. He has only gotten better as his singles collections from last year have proven. Could he finally be ready for world domination? Not if he can help it.

Track Grades
  1. It Ain't Gonna Save Me – 8.5
  2. Before I Was Caught – 8.7
  3. Man Of Steel – 8.0
  4. Can't Do It Anymore – 8.2
  5. Faking It – 8.1
  6. I'm Watching You – 8.8
  7. Wounded – 9.1
  8. Rotten Mind – 9.3
  9. Nothing New – 8.4
  10. My Reality – 8.7
  11. Hang Them All – 9.2
  12. A Whisper (There Is No Sun) – 9.4

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