Monday, April 19, 2010

Best Ever Non-Album B-Sides

With Records Store Day just passed, I thought we could celebrate what makes vinyl special - an A- and B-side. Some b-sides are fantastic songs that, for some reason or another, never made it onto an album. This is their list.

Let's have some qualifiers before we start:
No live tracks, no remixes, or alternate versions of songs that appear on other original pressings of studio albums by the artists. No tracks from EPs, singles only. Tracks added to later or deluxe versions of albums as well as tracks on singles or b-sides compilations by the artist are eligible.
OK, now that that's out of the way:

  1. "Silver Springs," Fleetwood Mac (b-side of "Go Your Own Way," 1977)
  2. "You Looking At Me Looking At You," Ozzy Osbourne (b-side of "Crazy Train," 1980)
  3. "Hey, Hey What Can I Do," Led Zeppelin (b-side of "Immigrant Song," 1970)
  4. "Am I Evil?" Metallica (b-side of "Creeping Death," 1984)
  5. "An Ugly Death," Jay Reatard (b-side of "Painted Shut," 2008)
  6. "Burning Ambition," Iron Maiden (b-side of "Running Free," 1980)
  7. "I Want You Around," Ramones (b-side of "Rock 'N Roll Radio," 1979)
  8. "Children In Heat," The Misfits (b-side of "Horror Business," 1979)
  9. "Did You No Wrong," Sex Pistols (b-side of "God Save The Queen," 1977)
  10. "Devil Bunnies," My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (b-side of "Kooler Than Jesus," 1989)
  11. "Ages Of You," R.E.M. (b-side of "Wendell Gee," 1985)
  12. "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore," Prince (b-side of "1999," 1982)
  13. "Dive," Nirvana (b-side of "Sliver," 1990)
  14. "Neat Parts," Fucked Up (b-side of "Triumph Of Life," 2006)
  15. "Footsteps," Pearl Jam (b-side of "Jeremy," 1991)
  16. "Flying Dutchman," Tori Amos (b-side of "China," 1992)
  17. "Into The White," Pixies (b-side of "Here Comes Your Man," 1989)
  18. "When Death Had No Name," Danzig (b-side of "Dirty Black Summer," 1992)
  19. "I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out," Elliott Smith (b-side of "Speed Trials," 1996)
  20. "Novelty," Joy Division (b-side of "Transmission," 1979)

I'm sure there are some real gems that I'm missing here, so let me know.

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