Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quarter Century Review: Around The World In A Day

Prince And The Revolution
Around The World In A Day
Warner Bros.
Produced by Prince

These days, much of the world regards Prince as just a weirdo. Much in the way that Michael Jackson's reputation was tarnished because of allegations and many, many plastic surgeries, Prince's legacy is a tad shadowed by his eccentricities. This is the price for living such a public life in an age of pop culture transparency. There was a time, though, that both artists were regarded as geniuses.

Around The World In A Day is one of several albums in the eighties that exemplified the pop craftmanship of Prince Rogers Nelson. An album with two amazing singles ("Paisley Park," and "Raspberry Beret,"), soulful ballads ("Condition Of The Heart," and "The Ladder,"), and up-tempo dance tracks ("America,"), ATWIAD is smack dab in the middle of the era of Prince's creative apex. The album shows a prodigy continuing to expand his horizons and test the boundaries of his audience with a diverse group of songs and not just aiming for potential singles. It polarizes, it challenges, and does its intended job with expectedly mixed results. The truly wonderful moments on the album do ring clearer than the so-called shortcomings and do stand up 25 years later.

Overall Grade = 8.12

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