Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quarter Century Review: Frankenchrist

Dead Kennedys
Alternative Tentacles
Produced by Jello Biafra

This, the last studio album by the Dead Kennedys, is largely devoid of anthem quality. There are plenty of great messages. Right off the bat, "Soup Is Good Food," is a Eastern-tinged musical adventure that expands the idea of Punk or Hardcore as well as good advice for kids and their diets. "MTV - Get Off The Air," is a request that, unfortunately, was never granted.

Frankenchrist, great song titles not withstanding, sounds called in. East Bay Ray's guitars are well done but uninspired. Jello Biafra's vocals sound as they always do but without spitting vitriol. The Dead Kennedys were a band that motivated punks to riot and be counted. There are no moments of such revolutionary sincerity here. A good album but hardly a worthy sendoff for such an awe inspiring band.

Overall Grade = 7.83

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