Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quarter Century Review: Listen Like Thieves

Listen Like Thieves
Produced by Chris Thomas

As far as an album containing the strongest singles of the year, 1985 had Listen Like Thieves. A somewhat forgotten album compared to mega-hit Kick, this album was the Aussie band's breakthrough and beginning of their creative apex. "What You Need," is as good a start-off as any and doesn't let up with the wonderful title track. Those along with "Shine Like It Does," and "This Time," revealed that singer Michael Hutchence and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Farriss could be a potent creative team. Not to be discounted is the influence and guiding hand of producer Chris Thomas, who had the unique distinction of having previously worked with The Beatles and The Sex Pistols.

Hutchence's voice is just a cooler, less abrasive Jagger croon while the Brothers Farriss provide the backing. There aren't any epically disappointing tracks on Listen Like Thieves and that's more than one can hope for most times. "Same Direction," is a fine deep cut that deserved some airplay in the "We Are The World," pop landscape. Is this largely pop fluff? Sure, but that doesn't make it less well-performed ear candy. This is a pleasure I refuse to be guilty of.

Overall Grade = 8.37

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