Friday, February 19, 2010

Beach House - Teen Dream

Beach House
Teen Dream
Sub Pop

Beach House is usually take-it-or-leave-it with me. They just leave me a little blah, (Christine Legrand's voice being reminiscent of a cross between an uninspired Chan Marshall and Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit) like listening to Belle And Sebastian (yuck). Sadly, there is not much here to make me alter my opinion.

This album is just flat. Somewhere deep within each of these tracks are the makings of great songs but got lost along the way. "Lover Of Mine," sounds like a bad Fleetwood Mac cover while "Silver Soul," could be the best song the Cowboy Junkies will never come up with. The musical palette, while producing nice things sonically sometimes, is limited and, therefore, the results are expectedly mixed.

Track Grades:
  1. Zebra - 7.3
  2. Silver Soul - 8.8
  3. Norway - 7.0
  4. Walk In The Park - 6.6
  5. Used To Be - 7.9
  6. Lover Of Mine - 5.4
  7. Better Times - 6.8
  8. 10 Mile Stereo - 6.3
  9. Real Love - 5.1
  10. Take Care - 6.5
Overall Grade = 6.77

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