Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shearwater - The Golden Archipelago

The Golden Archipelago

I had to do a double take when first listening to this that I didn't accidentally put an Andrew Bird album on. After the opening cut, I no longer wondered because I suddenly felt like going into the garage and start punching a side of beef , training to get my revenge on the Soviet boxer that killed my friend. All joking aside, Shearwater is actually more enjoyable to me than Jonathan Meiburg's previous band Okkervil River. Now with all of his focus on this project, there are some interesting results. This album should be played in zoos for best effect as the rhythms and themes remind me of the monkey house or aquatic centers.

Though I won't likely have this in my year-end top 25 album list for content (barring a disastrous last 10 months), The Golden Archipelago is the leader for my favorite album title, so that's something.

Track Grades:
  1. Meridian - 7.7
  2. Black Eyes - 7.5
  3. Landscape At Speed - 6.3
  4. Hidden Lakes - 4.7
  5. Corridors - 3.9
  6. God Made Me - 6.7
  7. Runners Of The Sun - 7.0
  8. Castaways - 6.5
  9. An Insular Life - 4.2
  10. Uniforms - 6.9
  11. Missing Islands - 3.2
Overall Grade = 5.87

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