Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Quarter Century Review: Night Time

Killing Joke
Night Time
EG Records
Produced by Chris Kimsey

Killing Joke influenced many bands that I admire like Ministry (having had the late Paul Raven of Killing Joke on bass) and Big Black. That being said, I had never really seen their greatness. I understood their appeal but felt their '80s output doesn't seem to be much more that a louder, more aggressive version of Dead Or Alive.

Upon listening to Night Time in depth, I still don't think that my take on the music is incorrect, the perspective was just a tad skewed. Maybe there was nothing wrong with being a louder Dead Or Alive. "You Spin Me Round," is still a pretty good song, after all. But pretty good is as far as I'm willing to go. There are definite moments on this record that excite but they are not plentiful enough for this to be more than a pretty good album, much less a classic. For me, I prefer their later and heavier work. Still, this album is respectable and good for a listen every once in a while.

Overall Grade = 7.63

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