Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Holy Fuck - Latin

Holy Fuck
XL Recordings/Young Turks

Fans of !!! looking for something similar with a little bit harder of an edge would do well checking out Latin. There are also Crystal Methodisms and, while a bit on the dancy side, I even hear elements of the Italian horror movie soundtrack band Goblin. The basslines are strong and the beats are, for the most part, too organic (there is a live drummer and no programming) to toss this into a gimmicky electronica category. Electronica artists are called groups or acts. Holy Fuck is far more unique, an electronica band.

Tracks like "Red Light," and "Stilletos," would be great as a track playing during a police chase. If Rockstar Games are looking for new music for the next Grand Theft Auto, they should start here. Strangely enough, "P.I.G.S." isn't relentless enough for such a thing. I can hardly imagine listening to this for extended periods of time, as I can't stand that much pep, but there is something inherently enjoyable about this album and I figured today (Cinco de Mayo) would be a good day to celebrate Latin.

Track Grades:
  1. 1MD - 7.0
  2. Red Lights - 8.8
  3. Latin America - 7.6
  4. Stay Lit - 8.1
  5. Silva & Grimes - 7.3
  6. SHT MTN - 7.8
  7. Stilettos - 8.5
  8. Lucky - 8.2
  9. P.I.G.S. - 7.5
Overall Grade = 7.87

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