Thursday, May 20, 2010



Slash, following in the footsteps of fellow (and superior) lead guitarists like Tony Iommi and Carlos Santana, decided to put out a record with 12 different lead singers. The results are expectedly mixed. The guitarwork is, of course, not too shabby. The interesting part, as well as detriment to these songs, is that Slash conforms to the styles of the singer. With singers like The Cult's Ian Astbury (who will sing for anyone, anytime, and anywhere), Ozzy, and Iggy Pop, this technique works. Working with mediocre "artists" like Myles Kennedy and Adam Levine shows Slash playing down to their level. Not to say that they better the singer the better the song.

The album nosedives after the surprisingly pleasant "Beautiful Dangerous," with Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson. Even after the unforgiveable "Billie Jean," cover and terrible collaboration with Timbaland, Chris Cornell has still found a way to reach new lows. Once, Cornell was the greatest, most powerful voice in rock. Now, he is nothing more than Tom Waits in training. Lemmy also has a hard time fitting in here. He was much more at home on the Rise Above compilation singing Black Flag's "Thirsty And Miserable,". This collection, ultimately, is just more evidence of how Axl Rose and Slash should bury the hatchet (preferably not into each other). Musically, it is clear that they miss each other. And we miss them too.

Track Grades:
  1. Ghost feat. Ian Astbury - 7.4
  2. Crucify The Dead feat. Ozzy Osbourne - 8.8
  3. Beautiful Dangerous feat. Fergie - 7.8
  4. Back From Cali feat. Myles Kennedy - 5.5
  5. Promise feat. Chris Cornell - 3.6
  6. By The Sword feat. Andrew Stockdale - 5.8
  7. Gotten feat. Adam Levine - 2.5
  8. Doctor Alibi feat. Lemmy Kilmister - 7.0
  9. Watch This feat. Dave Grohl & Duff McKagan - 8.0
  10. I Hold On feat. Kid Rock - 6.9
  11. Nothing To Say feat. M. Shadows - 6.5
  12. Starlight feat. Myles Kennedy - 4.9
  13. Saint Is A Sinner Too feat. Rocco DeLuca - 3.8
  14. We're All Gonna Die feat. Iggy Pop - 7.6
Overall Grade = 6.15

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