Sunday, May 09, 2010

The National - High Violet

The National
High Violet

Let's just say that the Brothers Dessner should give strong consideration to making The National an instrumental band like Bryce Dessner's side project, The Clogs. Aaron Dessner is the chief composer of the music on High Violet, however, and he seems content in letting Matt Berninger's vocals turn his often lovely music into a third rate Joy Division. Imagine Dustin Hoffman singing "Atmosphere," and you have an idea as to what "Sorrow," sounds like. After 11 tracks, you are an expert as to what sorrow sounds like. "Anyone's Ghost," could be a drunken studio outtake from Depeche Mode. High Violet is, at its worst, a snooze fest. At its best, an even more boring version of The Smiths. Listening to this album is painful to me because I think of what could have been with competent vocals. As it is, High Violet is a mediocre '80s relic.

Track Grades:
  1. Terrible Love - 6.5
  2. Sorrow - 4.6
  3. Anyone's Ghost - 4.9
  4. Little Faith - 4.3
  5. Afraid Of Everyone - 5.1
  6. Bloodbuzz Ohio - 7.2
  7. Lemonworld - 5.9
  8. Runaway - 3.8
  9. Conversation 16 - 5.0
  10. England - 4.5
  11. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks - 4.7
Overall Grade = 5.14

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