Monday, May 03, 2010

The New Pornographers - Together

The New Pornographers
Matador Records

I am a huge fan of A.C. Newman, Neko Case, and The New Pornographers but I must say, Together is not my favorite. You can normally judge the overall strength of a New Pornos record by the quality of the songs written by Destroyer's Dan Bejar. Mass Romantic and Challengers, to me, are the best New Pornographers albums and they feature the likes of "To Wild Homes", "Execustion Day", and "Myriad Harbour,". Electric Version and Twin Cinema contain the blech "Chump Change", "Jackie Dressed In Cobras", and "Streets Of Fire,". However, Bejar is not to be blamed this time. I can't believe it either.

Bejar, for his part, delivers a couple of decent songs with "Silver Jenny Dollar," and "If You Can't See My Mirrors,". There are also some great, vintage A.C. Newman-New Pornos tracks like "Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk", "Crash Years",  and the Roy Orbison-esque "Up In The Dark,". There are rhythmically pleasing tracks like "Your Hands (Together)," and "A Bite Out Of My Bed,". On the other side of it, though, "Valkyrie In The Roller Disco," may be the least interesting song ever written by Newman. One has to wonder how great this album could have been had Newman saved a couple of tracks from his solo album, Get Guilty. The album lacks another up-tempo gem like "The Palace At 4 AM,". If Newman can pick what he considers to be the best of Bejar's songs for The New Pornographers, he may want to consider that the next time he wants to put out a solo record.

Track Grades:
  1. Moves - 7.7
  2. Crash Years - 8.6
  3. Your Hands (Together) - 8.0
  4. Silver Jenny Dollar - 7.4
  5. Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk - 9.3
  6. My Shepherd - 7.2
  7. If You Can't See My Mirrors - 7.6
  8. Up In The Dark - 8.4
  9. Valkyrie In The Roller Disco - 6.5
  10. A Bite Out Of My Bed - 7.5
  11. Daughters Of Sorrow - 7.1
  12. We End Up Together - 7.4
Overall Grade = 7.75

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